AWS EC2 port 25 blocked

Just installed MIAB, and it is truly amazing! (hence the nickname here :wink: )
Congratulations and many thanks to the developers and maintainers of this project!

I installed on an AWS EC2 instance. After install, the port 25 was totally blocked. Exactly as described in this topic, which I found by searching when encountering my situation:

The topic is unfortunately closed, so I told myself i would create a new one for any future person searching this subject (the 2 can eventually be merged)

This port 25 block is indeed coming from AWS. They seem to do this automatically for every new account. The form to ask for the lifting of the restrictions solves directly everything.

It seems a little weird at first as everything always talks of restricting the NUMBER of emails you can send (implying you CAN send, just not too much). And here, you are also restricted to RECEIVE any email as port 25 is totally blocked both ways. At first, it feels like it must be something else. But no, it seems to be this! Your install is correct, nothing to touch there. MIAB isn’t in cause at all either. All you have to do is have AWS lift restrictions on their side. With the correct explanations/justifications, it is doable.

You have to request it be opened and that rDNS be setup. They want to know what you will use the Email server for. They don’t want SPAM.

I have had MiaB running on AWS Lightsail for nearly two years.


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