Port 25 change in 0.40

Some strange errors started occurring after the up/downgrade from 0.4.1 -> 0.4.2 -> 0.4.1. For example, an email from one alias to another failed because it was being greylisted.

I also noticed that in responding to an email, I got a “relay access denied” error. This was to another user on my instance of MIAB. Any ideas as to what the problem could be?

Both of these examples are using Thunderbird. The Roundcube web interface does not seem to suffer the same problem.

These errors seem to be intermittent. Working now.

Getting relay access denied again.

Apparently this is because sending mail from port 25 was disabled in 0.40 (it has been over 6 months since I used this particular laptop). This is problematic for me in that the only access point I have access to blocks port 587 but not 25. How does one (is it possible to) re-enable sending mail through port 25?


Is the MiaB server accessing the Internet through the access point?

No, it is a VPS in Linode. The access point is how I am connecting from my laptop.

I am unclear as to why an access point would block destination port 587, other than desiring to snoop on the email of network users. My choice would be to use webmail. Can’t imagine they block destination port 443?

I don’t understand either but that’s what I’ve got.

I am using webmail at the moment but call me strange – I really prefer using an email client.

I also prefer using a client, but not at the expense of emailing in the clear. Perhaps another option is to SOCKS proxy or VPN or something to your Linode instance.