Policy Blocklist (PBL)

A couple days ago my Vultr box has ended up on the Spamhaus Policy Blocklist (PBL), code Does anyone know how to get this fixed?

I got a generic response about this from Vultr (“Thus, some of our IP address space is blocked at any given time by various spam monitoring services.”), and they’re saying I should request a new IP.

Spamhaus page suggests this is ISP’s doing? I’ve only used this domain on this IP for a few months so I’m w/e on the IP change, but there was nothing wrong with the IP 3 days ago.

You should be able to file a request to spamhaus to have this removed. It happens from time to time, spamhaus is usually quick to resolve it.

Check your IP here: https://check.spamhaus.org/.

If it is on a blocklist, there should be instructions provided by spamhaus for removing it.

Eh I was hoping I could bug Vultr about it. The Spamhaus form wants me to divulge my real name :S

It’s spamhaus’ list, so you have to play by their rules.

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I also recommend checking dnsbl.info. In my experience they check against more lists than other checkers.

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