PHP Upgrade to 7.3 to enable NextCloud upgrade to supported version

OwnCloud is unsupported in the current version that installed with MIAB (v20). BUT when I try and upgrade OwnCloud it fails and became unsresponsive (needed to restore whole service from backup). DevOps thinks the issue is because PHP also needs to be upgraded to 7.3 version before trying OwnCloud self-upgrade.

Anyone seen these issues and managed to upgrade PHP and OwnCloud to latest and supported versions?

As I understand it, NextCloud versions 21, 22, 23 require PHP7.3 but MIAB is currently using 7.2. Upgrading PHP on its own may lead to problems with other packages so you might not want to do that.

I believe there has been a thought of updating MIAB on the current Ubuntu 18.04 to include PHP7.3 to allow for NextCloud to be upgraded. This might be required to prepare for moving MIAB to Ubuntu 22.04 and PHP8.0/8.1

I note that NC 20 is now marked ‘unsupported’; it was last updated in November 2021 along with 21, 22, 23 so I’m not sure how big of a problem this really is just now. Certainly, I’m planning to wait for an update of MIAB rather than go it alone.

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I think these are the usual problems of using a project that is downstream of many consecutive projects.

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