Panel saying 0.23a available

Yesterday my box was saying there’s an update to 0.23 available. This morning I got an email saying that an update to 0.23a is available. I like t wait until I see the changelog before I update but the latest I can find is for 0.22. Has the location for changelogs moved?

Thanks. Not sure why i couldn’t find it.

I’ve found the same problem, only the panel in MIAB mentions the update. The main website still shows 0.22 as the latest version, nothing on twitter and no mention anywhere else there is an update?

The release is valid, the site isn’t update yet. I submitted a PR for it.

Apologies. I forgot to update the website (thanks @michaelkroes) and I was holding off on tweeting in case there were problems with the release (which there was the first time).