OVH primary/default domain making changes

This is just my experience and may be different to anyone else.

I have had to change my primary/default domain name so decided to purchase domain with OVH.
I have set the GLUE record, then the DNS records and finally the DS Records in order to get everything to work.

All good at this point, BUT something was not working when I changed the primary/default domain with my box, so I decided to change sub domain from to and see if it is related.


I have started with deleting the DNS records and then try to proceed to delete the GLUE records in the OVH Control Panel for that domain.


The operations got stuck, and it’s now 5 days and 2 support tickets raised that I have been able to set correct GLUE records and waiting for the operations on “DNS servers” update 2h and counting…

So providing that you will not be making any changes via their Control Panel it will work for you as it does for me, but should you need to make any changes be warned it will take time.

Hey @box

It would be helpful if you’d be specific as to what you did as

Is really vague. Setting the Glue records is straightforward, but which DNS records? The name servers at the registrar? Something else? Same with the DS records? That is something that you never have to touch manually, so not sure what you set there…

Honestly this is a provider issue. OVH has been criticized for being bad with DNS issues and GoDaddy is ABSOLUTELY horrible. But yes, when adjusting existing glue records it is often going to be a 24-48 hour wait. Setting NEW glue records should happen very quickly, but GoDaddy automatically sets incorrect glue records, so when you are adding new records to GoDaddy, you are in fact changing them. :frowning: