OpenDMARC is not running

I keep rebooting my MIAB install, running latest version, on the recommended DigitalOcean config - and OpenDMARC seems to work fine for a day or so, then suddenly will stop, and I’ll get a “OpenDMARC is not running” status email nightly. Is there any way to see why it’s stopping? Do I need to add more RAM to my DigitalOcean box? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

I just got this same alert when I logged into my admin page today too. I restarted the server and it didn’t show up after a status check. I’ll keep and eye on it to see what I can learn.

I upgraded my DigitalOcean droplet to the 2GB RAM/$20 a month plan, and we’ll see if it happens less frequently or not. It would be great if this isn’t related to RAM, though…

I’m running mine on a 1gb DigitalOcean vps. I checked it today and so far it’s been ok.

Checked it today and the error is back.

Yep, even my upgraded droplet had it fail overnight.

Is there any way to diagnose/debug this issue, folks? Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks!

Mine again too when I check today. So we know it’s not a memory thing.

I spend some time looking at log files for clues in the next day or two and share anything I can find on it.

Since the update that was installed a few days ago I’ve not had this issue reappear in the System Status Checks.

I’m having this issue still. I don’t know how to diagnose I’m afraid.

I just started having this issue as well.

I’m running on a KVM instance running on my own hardware.

The disk has 26.34 GB space remaining.
System memory is 78% free.

My system is stock Ubuntu 14.04 + mailinabox config.

One weird network config item to note, the NAT for ssh doesn’t resolve to the mailinabox server. I have a jump server which is a completely separate device which acknowledges ssh.

Open DMARC runs fine for a period of time (days or hours, no rhyme nor reason discerned) and then I get the following error on the System Status Checks page

:heavy_multiplication_x: OpenDMARC is not running (port 8893).

I’d be happy to work with dev to determine how/why this failing and determine how to either prevent this from happening, or scripting an automated solution.

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I’m still having this issue. I’ve stayed up to date on package updates and such. And usually just reboot the box when it happens. Is there logs or anything I can check to try and diagnose? Thanks in advance for any guidance.

You might want to create a large swap file of a few GB. I use a setup similar to mailinabox on a DO server and this resolved most of the issues of processes being killed because the system sometimes periodically runs out of memory, especially after full backup operations.
This tutorial on DO might help you out:

Thanks, I gave that a whirl - upgraded to a 4 gig swap file, and OPENDMARC still randomly quits. Is there a specific log location I can check out?

I also created a 12GB swap file… I went several weeks (maybe 5) without OpenDMARC failing…

Now it fails every 24-48 hours again.

reboot fixes the problem

I’ve recently had this problem as well. Up until a week or two ago, never any problems with OpenDMARC. Running on a Linode.

Okay, well after upgrading my swapfile – and turning off DigitalOcean’s weekly backups (not MailInABox’s) - it seems like maybe all is well again. Are any of you folks using auto-backup features?

Started getting this today. Did any of you found out why this happens?

DO we know if this still happens on 0.28, as I’m still running 0.26, and my opendmarc quits regularly.