One domain not resolving after move

I moved my MIAB installation from one EC2 instance to a newer, larger one by creating a snapshot in AWS and launching a new instance from that as an AMI. All of my domains moved over without issue except for one. For some reason, this one domain is reporting that the nameservers, A record, and MX record are all set to [Not Set], despite my EIP having been transferred over to the new instance and the nameserver not changing. I have 6 domains hosted on this box, and the other 5 have absolutely no issues at all. I have tried removing the alias so that the domain gets removed and then readding it, re-running mailinabox with the alias added, re-running mailinabox while the alias was removed and then readding, removing the alias and the files related to the domain in /etc/nsd/zones.d/ and then readding the alias, just about everything. It is just this one domain (a .money domain, if that changes anything) that is not resolving.

Is that one domain DNSSEC signed at the registrar level and the other 5 not?

All of them were, I disabled DNSSEC before the move in case something went wrong and I needed to refresh my whole installation. After the move, I re-enabled DNSSEC on all of them.

Care to share the domain name in PM?

Done, I’ve sent it to you in a PM.

Well, we can ignore this thread now. It took about 12 hours longer than my other domains, but it resolves now. Not entirely sure what happened.

If you had to change the IP’s of your nameservers at your registrar ( IP’s changed) then you MUST WAIT at LEAST 48 hours for changes to fully take affect. Although it usually happens much faster than that, there are some instances where DNS propagation takes 48 hours.The issue here was just a matter of patience. Glad the domain is resolved now, but for the future and nameserver changes you make, or IP changes made directly to your box (like moving to a new EC2 instance for example) will take 24-48 hours in some cases.

I was using Elastic IPs so the IP did not change, as I was able to disassociate the address during the transition and then reassociate it during the launch process of the new instance.I’m not entirely sure what happened with this one domain in particular, as my other ones were fine. I’m guessing it was something with the .money extension, as my other domain extensions (.email, .me, .city, 2x .com) had no issue and were able to resolve as soon as the new instance was running.

TLD’s have nothing to do with how long DNS takes to propagate.