Old backup files not deleted

I’ve been running miab for 18 months now. Great!
Today for the second time (in a row) I have found that after a full backup, the previous full backup and incrementals weren’t deleted.
The result is I ran out of space on the place where I stash my remote archives.

Any ideas what might have changed to cause this, or where I should look for clues?

It is a minor annoyance, and to be honest the setup has been very stable, and so incidents like this give me an excuse to give it the once over more often than I would otherwise do. However the worry is that it is symptomatic of a more important issue.


Hi, many thanks for your response.

I never checked to see what the backup status said before I manually deleted the outdated backup files from /home/backup/encrypted. So I will next time!
The rsync to the offsite storage was doing what it should. It’s just that there wasn’t enough room for 2 backup cycles, but if there was I would never have been alerted!

Since I’ve not made any changes to the system for many months, I can’t see that the behaviour is likely to be a result of a recent change I’ve made. However the hosting provider did migrate the running system some time ago. Maybe as a result of that there is a memory pointer that has become invalid.
Probably I should just restart miab.

In the meantime it might be worth other users checking what is in /home/backup/encrypted to see if there is only 1 backup cycle and that the backup status report accurately reflects that content. (Since light loaded systems with acres of storage might accumulate a lot before anyone notices!)