Old Authority/NS record not clearing/deleting

I eliminated my unreliable external secondary nameserver, deleted all the entries in the custom DNS field for those secondary nameserver, but after a day, that old secondary NS server is still listed when I do a “dig” command. Intodns.com also reports a mismatch from my registrar vs. MIAB settings. How do I force the secondary NS record to update or delete it? From my “dig” query…

macleodmarketinggroup.com. 1800 IN NS ns1.box.mydomain.com. (NOTE: This is correct)
macleodmarketinggroup.com. 1800 IN NS ns2.virtualhost.com. (NOTE: this is the one that should not be there).

I managed to fix this myself. I’m not sure which step worked, or if all of them made the correction. Here is what I did:

  1. Deleted all the custom DNS entries
  2. Made sure the nameserver field was blank
  3. ran the MIAB install/upgrade again
  4. added my secondary nameservers back
  5. ran a dig@… and now the nameservers are correct for that domain
  6. added my custom DNS entries back
  7. ran dig@… again to verify, and all is still good.

This test shows your current NS records for your domain macleodmarketinggroup.com (hope this helps, too)

Yes, it took many tools to determine where the glitch was. Thought it was my virtual host, but using intodns.com, your link, and finally a dig @mydomain… on the MIAB instance pointed directly to MIAB not releasing that secondary nameserver despite having no settings containing that nameserver anywhere. I even looked through all the files I could find related to Bind and NDS, and still didn’t see it. The good news is that it is fixed now. The bad news is not knowing why so it can be more quickly fixed if it pops up in the future for someone else.