Not Receiving Emails from One Server

I am unable to receiver emails from one company. I had asked them if they could send over any logs that they had and they sent back a telnet connection time-out error to my server. What do I need to do to address this?

<-- [root@dftch1-006 ~]# telnet 25 Trying connect to address Connection timed out -->

I’d see if they can do a traceroute to your IP address. See how far that gets.

Since MIAB has a web server, can they reach your website?

I’m inclined to believe it’s an issue on their end if everybody else can send you mail.

They sent me back the traceroute and it showed that it did reach my VPS. I have also checked to ensure their IP was caught with fail2ban, using the commandfail2ban-client status | grep "Jail list:" | sed "s/ //g" | awk '{split($2,a,",");for(i in a) system("fail2ban-client status " a[i])}' | grep "Status\|IP list". This showed IPs listed only under the ssh jail.