No problems upgrading to v64

Today I updated two mailinabox instances from v61.1 to v64.
It went well and the system status reports are all good.

One error was reported:
Error: stepping, UNIQUE constraint failed: oc_users_external.uid, oc_users_external.backend (19)

I have seen this before and there were no consequences.
The issue is known and reported on github:

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I upgraded from v63 to v64 without issues.

Just upgraded from v63 to v64 with no problems. Thanks for a great release! :clap:

Sidenote: I blogged about it here. :nerd_face: Celebrating 8 years of self-hosting Mail-in-a-Box -


All working here - I had to copy the original back over and allow it to update the duplicity app.

I got the same error upgrading from v62 to v64, but I don’t use NextCloud, so I didn’t worry about it.

Same here - completely straight-forward update from 62 → 64 :slight_smile:

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