Nextcloud will be updated to version 14.0.6 - error


I’m running the latest MIAB on Ubuntu 18.04 - did the upgrade a couple of months ago.

Accessing my gives me an error page. Kind of an error page …

The same page shows up regardless if I’m logged in or not [incognito tab]. The Start update button at the bottom just gives an error saying An error occurred. Detailed logs > An error occurred. Please reload the page..

I don’t have any nextcloud users [other than myself] but I’m worried this may have some unwanted implications.

Nextcloud will be updated to version 14.0.6
These apps will be updated:
Activity (activity)
Calendar (calendar)
Comments (comments)
Contacts (contacts)
WebDAV (dav)
Federated file sharing (federatedfilesharing)
Federation (federation)
Files (files)
PDF viewer (files_pdfviewer)
File sharing (files_sharing)
Text editor (files_texteditor)
Deleted files (files_trashbin)
Versions (files_versions)
Video player (files_videoplayer)
Gallery (gallery)
Lookup Server Connector (lookup_server_connector)
Nextcloud announcements (nextcloud_announcements)
Notifications (notifications)
OAuth 2.0 (oauth2)
Password policy (password_policy)
Provisioning API (provisioning_api)
Monitoring (serverinfo)
Share by mail (sharebymail)
Usage survey (survey_client)
Collaborative tags (systemtags)
Theming (theming)
Two factor backup codes (twofactor_backupcodes)
Update notification (updatenotification)
Files workflow engine (workflowengine)
These incompatible apps will be disabled:
Please make sure that the database, the config folder and the data folder have been backed up before proceeding.

To avoid timeouts with larger installations, you can instead run the following command from your installation directory:
./occ upgrade
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Have you, by chance, run the unlock admin account script?

Not that I remember. As I said, nobody really uses nextcloud on my server, except for me - from time to time.

Thank you for your time!

As it turns out, running the MIAB install script again cleared everything out - just like magic - there’s no errors and I can access /cloud again.

Thanks! :slight_smile: