Nextcloud setup outside of contacts & calendar

I see that mail-in-a-box includes a full nextcloud install
I mean I could point my NextCould Android client at it and happily sync files with it
If I configure that file sync part (user quota, etc.) will my settings be overwritten by mail-in-a-box autmated scripts?
Will my settings survive an upgrade?
I’m asking this because, as I understand it, only the contacts & calendar parts are officially supported and I don’t want to interfere with mail-in-a-box scripts/config, my goal here is to keep my box maintenance costs as low as possible

I use nextcloud files on MIAB (normally accessed as via WebDAV). I’ve performed one MIAB version upgrade without problems. I have not yet updated from 0.48 to 0.51 where the nextcloud version changes so I don’t yet know if that will be a problem.

Thank you guys, this is really helpful :slightly_smiling_face: