Nextcloud app "files_versions" uses a lot of disc space

Hi everyone

Over night, I had an increase in disc space of about 20 %. Turns out it is the “preview” folder and Nextcloud has an app called “Preview Generator”, which generates document and photo previews. The evening before, I tried to scoll through my photos, which are hosted on the mailinabox nextcloud. That must have triggered the preview function. The bulk of the data in the preview folder is from that very night.

A temporary solution is to delete the folder (link):

Deleting the content of the preview folder is only a short term solution unless you’re

  • disabling the preview generation in total
  • customize the configuration of the preview generation so that it fits your needs
  • make sure that enough disk space is available on your hard disk.

However, apparently the best way is to use the config.php to change the bahaviour of the preview generator app. This would not be a permanent solution with mailinabox, I guess?

Did anyone run into the same problems? (My VPS disc space is nearly full now.)