New rysnc Setup: public key accepted on target computer but MIAB immediately disconnects

Just turned on rsycn backup for the first time. Upon first turning it on, the admin UI showed indicators that it was working for probably a couple minutes and gave I think it was a 504 error. After that it would only give me the error attachment below.

In a nutshell, from looking at log files my MIAB server seems to be connecting just fine to the target computer but it disconnects right away and give the attached error below.

This is from my va/log/auth.log on my target computer all registered at the same second:

sshd[953]: Accepted publickey for tim from [IP of MIAB server] port 38182 ssh2: RSA SHA256…
sshd[959]: Received disconnect from [IP of MIAB server] port 38182:11: disconnected by user
sshd[959]: Disconnected from user tim [IP of MIAB server] port 38182

That log entry confirms that MIAB is successfully logging in? Which rules out any sort of firewalls or fail2ban blocking things, right? Also would confirm it’s successfully connecting on Port 22 like I have it set up right now?

Yet this is still the error message I get through the web admin console.

Other Things I’ve Done

  • Rebooted all machines

  • By using “ssh -i id_rsa_miab” I was able to login directly from the MIAB server to the target server using SSH key credentials.

  • I’ve run the command on my MIAB server, I’m not exactly sure what I should be looking for but it shows lots of things. Haha. I can post details from that if needed or you can tell me what to look for.