New CNAME records not visible on MIAB DNS?

I used the Control Panel -> “Custom DNS” to add a CNAME record for one of my domains (let’s say which is hosted on I can see that CNAME record in Control Panel -> “External DNS”.

However, when I do dig +noall +answer any on another machine, the CNAME record is missing. Does it take some time for the updated records to be visible on the box’ own DNS or what could be the reason I can’t see the new entry?

That shouldn’t take time. I tried it a moment ago on my own installation and this works right away. Typo?

I don’t think so at least.

You can try for yourself:

host -t ns name server name server

dig +noall +answer any

There’s no CNAME entries in the dig result.

But in External DNS I can see:	CNAME
(Set by user.)	CNAME
(Set by user.)

How can I see what the zone file actually looks like on the box?

Ok, well - I can also see the CNAME entry with

cat /etc/nsd/zones/

But I cannot see the entry if I do on my box

dig @localhost +noall +answer any

So the CNAME entry is in NSD zone file, but the DNS server won’t serve the record. Sounds weird?

I tried to reboot the machine, but to no help.

We can continue on GitHub. I created the following issue:

I see you solved this. Interesting though, I made the same error yesterday when testing this (forgot the trailing .) but when queried with dig I did get the CNAME, albeit (obviously) with the domain of my box attached to the domain name I entered. (

Anyways, good to hear it works now.



Yes, I got it resolved which was nice. And of course I knew I had to add the trailing dot, but it was a while since I’ve configured a DNS since last s:) A bit frustrating thought to not see the expected outcome from the dig query albeit it being wrong, which would have helped with the debugging.

But I am happy that it wasn’t a MIAB bug in the end.