Need guidance with my goal

I know I can follow setup instructions to easily have my mail-in-a-box server, but I need something more specific, and would like to get guidnace:

I have a website with PHP, and I uploaded it like so:

-I have a domain name: which is purchased at GoDaddy, and a server from DigitalOcean at an IPv4 address: (DNS is managed by DigitalOcean nameservers)

So far it’s OK, but part of my PHP code is sending emails: confirmation emails, password reset emails, etc.
Is it possible to do the following: Creating a separate mail server (a different ip address from DigitalOcean), and make the PHP script send mails from that server, but that it will show emails as Because my server is running on Ubuntu 16.04, and MIAB supports 14.04.

I hope you understood what I’m trying to achieve, I’m not sure it’s that simple though.


Yes, you can do so. You just have to add as a second domain email address in MIAB, and then set up the appropriate nameservers at to point to MIAB as stated in the setup instructions.

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just use authenticated SMTP? There is a PHP plugin for that.

The PHP script will authenticate to MiaB and send the mail … I need to find the specifics for one of my users, so I will add them to this thread when I do.

Alas: Can I use PHPMailer with my MIAB mail server?

More useful info here:

Or here:

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