Can I use PHPMailer with my MIAB mail server?

I just installed MIAB and it worked (DIdn’t test sending / receiving emails yet, but I did get the control panel screen).

My main intention for MIAB was to be able to send my users registration confirmation emails / password reset emails.

In my test environment I’ve been using PHPMailer to send via a regular Gmail account.
Is it possible to do the same, once I get my own MIAB mail server installed?
Is there a coding example if so, What details do I need to put on PHPMailer code to be able to send emails via my webserver? Example is welcome.

Yes - SMTP with TLS (Port 587) when you config PHPMailer.

Make sure you setup proper MX records for MIAB or follow the install steps for MIAB to be your DNS server.


Thanks, It’s working!
The only problem is that Gmail redirects it to Spam!
Why is it considered spam? I thought MIAB was supposed to take care of this
Is it something about my PHPMailer message, or MIAB configuration? (I set up SSL)

You will need to contact GMAIL and Microsoft ( hotmail, etc) in order to be removed from spam, they auto spam new servers.

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