Nameservers Different, Need to add new Domain

I setup the server on DigitalOcean a year ago for (me) and when I did this, I 1) did not create two nameservers like the documentation (don’t remember why) and 2) now I want to add to this server. First, is this possible? And, secondly do I first create all the DNS records in the new domain, just like the running domain? I remember having real fun with DMARC/DKIM/ and other email legit stuff.

Can someone provide me some guidance here?


I would start by reviewing this forum thread: Process for adding additional domains. It seems to be pretty straightforward.

I didn’t use the DNS server built-in. I added a MX record to the second domain and pointed to (original). I created a new email user for second domain but I’m having no luck getting Thunderbird client to find the email server yet. Should this be okay when DNS propagates? If I have to use the DNS built-in, it’s going to mess up a bunch of stuff in place and I’ll be creating all these new DNS records on my MIAB server.

Does my strategy above seem solid? 1) new MX record second domain and 2) new user on MIAB?

I’ll kill the new account I created today too. That’s why I couldn’t use the username I wanted.

I only briefly scanned the forum thread, but if memory serves, you need to set the MX records on your new domain to point at your MiaB server (which I believe you’ve done).

Then you need to create a new user account on the MiaB server with the new domain.

At this point, I believe MiaB will setup the new account on the server and generate the DNS records for that new domain (I presume getting the Let’s encrypt certificates is in there somewhere too).

After that’s done, because you’re using external DNS, you would then need to manually add those DNS records for the new domain to the DNS service you’re using for that domain. You can find the DNS records that MiaB generated for this new domain in the admin web page under external DNS.

Once the DNS recs are in place, you should be good to go with that domain and user account.


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