Process for adding additional domains

I am new to mail in a box, I got it setup on a Linode system with a base domain and all is working well. I would like to add a couple more domains to it…that is where I stall out. Is there a documented process for doing this?

I have seen a few questions related to domains being added here on the forums, but I haven’t found the process anywhere.

TIA for any help.



you just need to do the Nameservers step in the guide and then use the control panel to create a new mail user or alias on the new domain. Then check the status checks page to ensure things are working.


Interesting. So, all I do is point my domain to the mail-in-a-box, don’t actually make any changes on the system itself, add an email account and Viola! It works? I am used to having to tell the email server that it is responsible for the domain’s email somehow, or allowing that domain to send email through the server. I will give it a shot.

Thank you!

That’s all taken care of by adding the user. :slight_smile:

WOW! I really need to understand how you managed to do that! :slight_smile: It worked like a charm. I am going to make time to dig through all of the config scripts and the rest of the project! Color me impressed!

What worked for me was just to add an MX (Mail Exchanger) record:

  • Priority: 0
  • Host: @ (the same as the host for the domain)
  • Points to: my mail server domain.
  • TTL (time to live): 1 hour
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I did start with this approach too, but Mailinabox takes care of all the dns entries needed not just the mx records… for instance, doing it the manual way, you’ll have to also update more than just the mx records on the external dns, or you may not get a lot of email and never even know it! For instance, letting the mailinabox server do it, it will also create the d k i m entries, and the s p f entries.

This helped me out SO much! I was having issues with figuring out why my Hover-hosted email had not one but TWO Trash folders. Then I thought, why not add this troublesome email address to my mail server and ditch Hover’s email?


Thanks for telling us what worked for you!

Oh. This wasn’t clear in the guide at all. I was waiting for things to resolve but to no avail. Turns out one needs to make an email user in order for MIAB to do the rest! What I was doing was I as checking custom DNS to see if the additional domain has appeared on the domain name dropbox. Maybe add this in the guide, @JoshData?