MYSTERY?: Cannot login to MAIB / Cannot send/receive email

My MAIB installed stopped sending/receiving mail yesterday. It had been working fine.
Here is what I have done so far:

  1. Could not login to admin console or webmail. I had enabled certificate login so I reset my password via Digital Ocean. I can now ONLY login using Digital Ocean console. Putty and FileZilla both timeout. I still cannot login to MIAB web admin console

  2. Re-installed MAIB
    I can only login using Digital Ocean console. Using IP address or Domain to access MIAB admin does not work. It always times out.

  3. Used Digital Ocean console to login and complete updates and upgrade. Tried to login again. Same result. I decided to do a backup for my mail so that is done (just in case I need to start from scratch again - that would be a real bummer!!!)

  4. Validated my Let’sEncrypt certificates are valid. This is where Digital Ocean initially pointed me to. My domain or IP address is not blacklisted so that is fine.

Any help on where to look next? I have had a blip occur where I got a bunch of emails then things went back to cannot access emails or admin web console. If I recall, this may have happened when i used sudo mailinabox as opposed to the curl command for updates. Not sure but something temporarily happened and emails came through then stopped again.

I am on Ubuntu 18.04 and MIAB 0.50 version

Any help or pointers is much appreciated. I’d like to avoid starting clean again since without FileZilla or Putty, don’t know how I can access my backup mail file.


Please PM me your MiaB hostname. I have a hunch. I’ll share once I test and my hunch is correct.

As for your backups, if things resort to that, you can rsync them out of the MiaB. :slight_smile:

Hunch confirmed. Your specific IP address is blocked.

Now whether this is fail-2-ban on your MiaB server, or something else blocking it - I don’t know but use a different IP address and you’ll be able to access it fine.

Where do I check if it either fail-2-ban or MiaB?
Not that savvy on MiaB or Fail-2-Ban

Me neither on fail-2-ban.

Time for google to save the day. :frowning:

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