Not showing website content when visited shows "this is a mail-in-a-box
take control of your email at"
every time i visit it.
I set up all the Who’s Nameserver values to and at DreamHost, and pointed them to the box’s droplet IP.
However, is hosted on a different droplet.
Mail-in-a-box is working fine, i am already sending and receiving messages but just can’t show the website when i visit it.

I set up an A RECORD in DreamHost’s custom DNS to map to its droplet IP so i can have it show the website content, but it still did’nt work.
I need your Help. Thank you.

@gilbert90 Should not be a your ‘dreamhost’ custom DNS where to add the A record… Do It at your MiaB panel ‘Custom DNS’ one.

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@just4t Could it be DigitalOcean in my case? Its where my Droplets are
Thank you

@just4t what do you mean by MiaB panel?
Please forgive my ignorance?

@gilbert90 if you already have set your nameservers at your domain registar pointing to your BOX then your DNS manager is your Miab BOX and the DNS manager that DO offers you by default can be ignored then…
Add the A record to your MiAB ‘Custom DNS’ panels at least for your and with the IP of your WEB server droplet.

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@gilbert90 no problem (all of us had doubts when started with)

MiaB = Mail-in-a-Box

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@just4t Thank you so much. Though i’m not there yet. It is still showing the static page on the box droplet.
Does it take sometime to propagate?

Yes! use this web service to check your A records propagation worldwide;

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Amazing!! It is showing my WEB Droplet IP

Congrats! other useful web tools here:

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As of now, it is no longer returning the static box html page.

But rather, This site can’t be reached refused to connect. This seems like a sign of propagation.

Also, on the Mail-in-a-Box panel, there is this section of
Using a secondary nameserver. My DNS registrar is DreamHost, and their nameservers are, and
Do i go ahead and add them also?
Thank you

@gilbert90 Looks OK visiting It from here. See this screenshot

No! this post may help you, too

; )

@just4t Thanks a bunch, everything works fine. My mail is working fine, and my website is up as well.

However, at this point i need to add another domain to the mail box say, and set up its users as well.