My webui is very slow

I’m unable to figure out exactly why this might be but it always seemed that it was mostly slow on the dns page I inevitably cleared all records out for custom dns on my local instance and yet my panel is still very slow. I have only one or two active email users and heaps of system accounts how do I figure out why this is slow as molasses every time I wish to modify a dns record it takes like ten seconds and I’ve run ./ a number of times in case I screwed something up. I even ran the upgrade process from 18.04 to 22.04 and even switched vps providers because OVH doesen’t have a 22.04 image template and I wasn’t going to do that janky chrooting crap with ramdisks to install into it.

I just rebuilt my miab instead of waiting or digging it seems way faster. I built this thing back in 2016 it was probably worth the nuke & pave.

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