My emails end up in the spam folder for gmail, yahoo, and outlook

So, I have a domain I have setup everything correctly, DKIM, SPF, etc. I get a perfect 10/10 score on But my emails always end up in the spam folder on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. Is there anyway to fix this. I thought at first it would just be that my domain was new but that doesn’t seem like the problem.

You should take a look at the message headers. There may be something there to answer your question.

For some reason, mail-tester thinks you do not have an SPF record. That’s a problem.

Yeah, I did see that. I was wondering why that was happening. But I checked it with other companies that offer SPF checking and all of them say that it passes and its okay.

What do the headers in the inboxes/spam folders showing?

I can check that right now. But I have found the problem on why mail-tester doesn’t think I publish an SPF record. They are checking for it on my mx record “die.死.net” which does not publish an SPF record

When I checked, it responded with v=spf1 mx -all.

On the subdomain or the actual domain?

Right, subdomain. Domain shows a different record, but there is a record there.

Weird, I can check in the admin panel.

It could be an issue with mail-tester, that’s why I’d probably look more at what the headers are in the freemail accounts.

Yeah. I was thinking the same thing, That its just an issue with mail-tester. I have gone ahead and checked out an email source log from when my emails go into spam. Everything says it passes but still it ends up in spam.

The domain is barely a month old, and possibly they don’t like the characters in the domain, especially if it is an otherwise English account or some similar type metric.

If the mail server is new, even if the IP address isn’t on a blacklist, they maintain lists separate from and may wait to see more messages to and from the mail server.

That’s why you basically never want to change a mail server IP address unless you just really have to.

True. I did end up having to change the IP address because it was being listed on a spam blacklist because someone in my IP range was spamming I guess. Plus the domain is brand new which could cause some red flags. A other domain I own is almost a year old and isnt in any spam folders like on gmail, yahoo and outlook. And I used the domain for emails alot so I am sure that I just need to give it some time to warm up and stuff.

Sometimes it’s a mystery. My mail server has been on the same IP address since ~2018, IIRC, and these days it seems like I can buy a domain and inbox right away.

Maybe its just the server ip being new then. Or its maybe just DigitalOcean, Been trying to get away from it but linode wont let me sign up.

I’ve been on Vultr for some time now.

Do they provide good servers?

Well, I haven’t had any problems.

Ill have to check it out.