Munin keeps triggering a flood of named errors

I’m not familiar at all with munin or how it’s setup. But I did notice these named errors are triggered every time munin-cron is run

Figured out its the ntp_ munin plugin. What I am not sure about is if the symlinks are dynamically or hard coded by the install script. Can I change the ntp servers without breaking anything?

The munin logs are showing this. I have googled, and there is very little information on what is causing this or how to fix it.

2015/08/23-04:15:04 [2426] Error output from ntp_108.61.73.244:
2015/08/23-04:15:04 [2426] is not a peer of this ntpd at /etc/munin/plugins/ntp_108.61.73.244 line 173.
2015/08/23-04:15:04 [2426] Service ‘ntp_108.61.73.244’ exited with status 255/0.
2015/08/23-04:15:06 [2426] Error output from ntp_208.75.88.4:
2015/08/23-04:15:06 [2426] is not a peer of this ntpd at /etc/munin/plugins/ntp_208.75.88.4 line 173.
2015/08/23-04:15:06 [2426] Service ‘ntp_208.75.88.4’ exited with status 255/0.

Munin is very strange.

We don’t touch the symlinks in setup, but we should. I’ve just committed a change to do a better configuration of munin plugins:

Thanks for tracking down and posting the errors.

I found MiaB on github last night as was reading the commits. You do good work JoshData, thank you for MiaB. :smile:

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