Munin is Wiping Out My Storage

My server limit is 25gb and I just deleted 20gb of temp files from /var/lib/munin.

It’s rapidly creating many htmlconf.storable.tmp files that are about 30mb each, until the server is full.

Is there any way to limit these files to say, just 1gb or disable them altogether?

Is anyone else having similar issues or has seen something like this before?


I’m running MiaB v0.52 on Ubuntu.

I’m pretty sure I don’t actually use Munin anyway. Other than collecting stats and building graphs, is there anything about it that’s important for the integrity of my system?

Can I just remove it:

sudo apt-get remove munin

Will it break MiaB? Will it be reinstalled on the next upgrade?

in /var/lib/munin ? I don’t have these files… Are those files created after you upgrade v0.52 ? I am on v0.51

For your info - I don’t have those files either, just about 750k of logs (mostly .gz archives).

I’d be doing the dumb thing and rebooting :slight_smile: - sounds like something is running wild.