Migrate Existing Accounts to New Domain Name

I have a sub-domain with a dozen email accounts. The domain was lost after not being renewed in a timely manner. A new domain has been registered. How can I keep the existing mailboxes/accounts/passwords intact and substitute the new domain name for the old?

You can’t. Well maybe you can, but it will not be easy. And you will need to know how to manipulate databases.

You CAN however easily save the existing emails … so since this domain only has a dozen email accounts do the following…

Create a new email user for each existing user on the expired domain, with a user for the new domain. Yeah, your users are going to need to supply you with a password, or you supply them with a temporary password and INSIST that they change it within 24 hours - if they don’t comply, lock them out.

Then you can move the maildirs in the old domain directory, to the new domain directory utilizing the command line.

Thanks, alento. I’ll give that a shot.

Short; with an SQL command, you can change the domain name in users.sqllite and move the data to a path with the new domain name.

Make a copy of the users.sqllite and try it on this file first.

The question will be is: what happens with calendar and address book.

Create new accounts is probably less work

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