MiaB server outside monitoring

Does anyone do outside server monitoring of their MiaB Server?

I setup a monitor for Port 25, Port 465, and HTTPS using http://www.uptimerobot.com
They offer 50 monitors for free and I thought that was pretty decent. You can see if there is any blips or whatever with your ISP or VPS and get alerts. Oddly enough if you use the backup script built into the box when the box backs itself up at 3am it seems that some of the ports become unavailable which, I think is intentional based on this thread: Services down during backup?

Yep, I do monitor my MIAB from outside. I run it on raspberry pi from home using docker container and very awesome and free “uptime kuma” app :wink:

That’s correct some of the ports will be unavailable for a while, but ping won’t ! So you can monitor only ICMP, although for me port 25 is more important :joy:


So one thing that I did notice that you could monitor is http/https which appears to still be viable during the backups — it will not display the roundcube page however it will give you a little bit more that the box is not just responding to ICMP and has at least one service up

We have been running a public status page using StatPing for ages but it’s now pretty dead and I have been looking for alternatives. Uptime Kuma has been on my radar for a while, what do you like about it?

It’s simple, highly customisable, easy to start up, support different ways of monitoring remote hosts, self-hosted, not much resource hungry, have public facing status page and admin backend and support hundreds of alert channels. What’s not to like :joy:? Of course if you prefer Software-as-a-Service that may not be your cup of tea;)

When I tested it out a few months back it didn’t do everything I wanted but I’ve been watching it on GitHub and will give it another go :slight_smile:

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Hi @S4_Hosting.
Well it’s not a full blown monitoring like nagios, checkmk, zabbix or similar range monitoring systems, but does all what I need from it. Although it’s free Uptime Kuma the developer deserves a recognition, bear minimum a :star:. You may need to factor in your time to self-support and infrastructure (pi,VM,cloud ?) it will run on, I think it’s great one as it is, can’t wait to see what’s else will be added on…