MIAB Says DNS is Wrong but clearly it is not

I have a 0.51 install on Linode that has been working quite well (modulo gmail routinely blocking) but suddenly things are quite spotty.

The domain in question is lefts.org and it is served by box.mail-ross-optimal.com

Here is my DNS record:

and here is what MIAB has to say about it.

Isn’t that odd? Clearly my MX record is there according to Linode anyway.

I have a very standard install. The only difference is that I defer to a different server for webpages. As a consequence, we have to directly go to box.mail-ross-optimal.com Webmail :: Welcome to box.mail-ross-optimal.com Webmail for webmail (which works fine)

How long has the status checks reported this for?

A few days at least.

I removed my DNSSEC records at Gandi and now MIAB sees my MX record.


I’ll hold this open for a bit and report more if I can figure anything but I’m not terribly familiar with all this.

Is that for lefts.org? That is the only one showing unsigned with whois.

Yes, and I can’t figure out what changed.

DNSSEC is only for the DNS server with the key. Using external DNS server you should not use the MiaB DNSSEC key.

I mean… yes, I removed the DNSSEC … I un signed it.

Ah… then that’s how that ended up fixing much of the issue.

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