Miab, nextcloud, and calendar invites

Hey Everyone–I could use some help. This might be something more akin for the nextcloud forum, but I haven’t had any luck over there, and thought maybe some of you are familiar with the issue.

I just spooled up MiaB on Linode and it’s working pretty nicely. But I have one issue that I can’t sort out: my calendar invites are going out to other calendars successfully. I get email notifications of invites, but they don’t show up on calendar (the web app or, obviously, my client). Looked at nextcloud.log and didn’t see anything that seemed relevant…

Love Miab but gotta solve this before I can roll it out to the team…thanks for any advice or pointers you might have.

Can’t be of immediate help but testing calendar handling on my 0.48 MIAB gave the following results.

  • Calendar can be created and appears in client (BusyCal on Mac for me)
  • I can set up calendar events and invitations get through successfully to addresses added to the event.
  • Meeting acceptances by the receiver are NOT being updated on the calendar event on the MIAB side.

I haven’t tried to trace through the issues here as I’m not using the calendar function ordinarily. Will try to do so if I have some spare time.

Thanks @latinhypercube–essentially I’m having the same issue currently running on an up-to-date installation (v0.50). Invitations won’t update as expected. In addition, invites to the miab hosted email address are not being received.

I crossposted the issue in the Nextcloud forums but to no avail. Happy to try troubleshooting but don’t know much about calDAV…