MIAB install silently failing - not all Github Amazon AWS nodes created equal

Just spent the last day or so chasing down a strange issue - so this post is just to record my observations so that it may be useful for somebody in the future.

My observation was that MIAB installation was either silently failing or hanging at around installing Roundcube point - similar to this previous post: V 0.21 install hangs after Roundcube install message

After quite a few hours adding (echo “We are now at point $n+1…”) throughout the /mailinabox/setup/webmail.sh script I found that wget from github was randomly failing. Very similar to what is described in this post on another forum: https://community.bt.com/t5/BT-Infinity-Speed-Connection/Slow-download-speeds-from-github-com/td-p/1659618

Maybe what may be better is having a toggle that turns off “-q” for wget when troubleshooting?

For anyone else having similar problems - what I did was to remove “-q” from line 173 of functions.sh; so “wget -q -O …” to “wget -O …” which then told me why wget was failing and allowed me to download via other means to keep the install running.

Hope this helps someone in the future.

PS: It seems that not all Github Amazon AWS nodes are created equal at least when transiting the UK - some nodes are fully accessible at full speed - while others crawl along - while others continually reset connections with only a few kB to go - or offer-up garbage that fail checksums.

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