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I notice that on my MAIB email system there is an option for Auto Responder. I had a couple questions about this and exactly how it worked.

For starters, does it limit how many times it auto responds? If someone sends an automated email to a user that has an auto responder in place, will the two systems get stuck in auto responder loop?

I also realized that auto responded emails are not stored as “Sent” emails. Where are these stored? Do they take up storage? I just don’t want to deal with the auto responder getting stuck in a loop and taking up tons of storage.

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I’m not sure, buy you can experiment with it to find out by just sending a message after getting the vacation response.

Many are not aware that the sent items folder is actually managed by the mail clients, which are usually default configured to save sent messages in a folder called sent. However, messages not generated through a client configured to do this won’t be saved to the sent items folder.

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With sent emails not being saved to sent items folder, am i still storing the data?

If you are asking where the mail client stores the messages, it stores them on the server.

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