Messages are going straight to SPAM box

I’ve completed all installation process. I’ve went over the ’ System Status Checks’ and have everything checked off in green accept the following:

:heavy_multiplication_x: MTA-STS policy is missing: STSFetchResult.NONE”

I’ve made sure that my IP address wasn’t blacklisted in mxtoolbox.

Maybe it’s the one in red above that is causing messages to go to spam box.

How do I fix this error message above? Thanks.

Perhaps by reading through the topic that was the third one on the forum at the time you posted this ?

But, this is not likely the culprit of the spam issue. Who is your VPS provider? Did you check the IP address with a good tool such as Talos Intelligence? Did you check the blacklist status with a source that includes some of the more obscure blacklists? Is the domain newly registered?

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