Marking & learning spam from remote client

I’m receiving increased spam and and its obvious that the content is not being scanned because if it were it would be marked as spam. Does MIAB use Bayesian filtering? If not can it be added w.o. breaking functionality? I remember in the past running Sendmail with Bayesian tools whereby I could email a spam message from my client to a dedicated address and it would learn that it was spam and improve the filtering. Thank you in advance.

When you move a message into or out of the spam folder, it invokes sa-learn which will influence the spam score from spamassassin.

I know I can do that when the mail queue is in RoundCube. when I download my mail using my remote email client however I am then deleting it off the server. I want to be able to forward the spam email from my remote client back to the mail server to ‘learn’ the spam.

If you use IMAP as the protocol in your remote email client that will still work. The folders on the server will be reflected in your remote email client and work the same.

And there are more benefits in using IMAP, like using multiple clients to access the same mail…

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