Manually blocking ip's

got some russian ip’s trying to access mail…

so easy, right, just block the ip’s – well yes…
I manage firewalls on 4 other servers, and do this all the time, but the unrealistically complex setup of this firewall has me guessing.

ufw deny from
iptables -A input -s -j DROP
added drop rules to /etc/ufw/before.rules
added drop rules to /etc/ufw/after.rules
added drop rules to /etc/ufw/user.rules

none of these will work.
what chain can you put ip block rules ? – I suspect someone added the accept rules so high in the chain, it’s not possible.

Maybe this helps

Have you tried “ufw insert 1 deny ...” to put the rule at the top of the list?

I did not think about an insert… that helped… thanks

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