Manual Backup Frequency for MIAB?

Got MIAB running with local backups enabled, planning to manually backup to an offline system to keep my larger storage safe offline. Confused about “full” vs. “incremental” backups - is just the latest “full” backup enough for manual transfers?

Wondering how often to do these manual backups for a solid disaster recovery plan. Is once every 30 days sufficient, or does it depend on my VPS’s reliability or my server’s storage capacity?

Appreciate any insights or experiences you can share! :slightly_smiling_face:


Pull via rsync from your backup server daily at approximately 4-5 AM.

MiaB makes a full backup and retains it usually for 28 days adding an incremental backup daily during the daily maintenance period. You need all of this data for a successful backup restoration.

Don’t forget to store the secret_key.txt file somewhere safely.

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Here’s an older thread discussing this topic: How often to do manual backups?

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Thank you, @alento and @dms, for your assistance! I really appreciate it. :saluting_face:

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