Management of e-mails by coworkers

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I created a box with emails working
I need to delegate the management of accounts in a MIAB to coworkers/employee, but I don’t trust them lurking around the box in a SSH connection…
Some functionalities don’t exists in the MIAB’s mail configuration AFAIK, like deleting boxes, adjusting cota, etc.
Someone knows if there’s a web-based-mail-administration-tool with more functionalities to plug in MIAB?

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There is no quota in MIAB.

However maybe my php script can help you?

Hello @murgero, thank you for your reply.

Very nice scripts, congrats. I’ll try it :slight_smile:



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There is only one reason for anyone other than the sys-admin to be ‘lurking around’ in s SSH connection and that is to physically remove the mail directory of a former user who will never be reinstated. That said everything else is controlled within the web admin interface. Sadly, the negative of that is that any admin user has access to all admin functions. The script that @murgero mentions is a huge benefit as it does not give full admin access to someone who can be delegated to add/remove accounts.

As mentioned above the only way to physically delete the email’s in a former users account is via SSH but the script written by @murgero will allow for the deletion of mailbox access … then someone trusted with SSH access will need to come remove the physical mail directory for the former user.
Additionally, MiaB does not support quota’s however there is a fork that does. If quota’s are a need, this is an option.

The script by @murgero would need additional work to support quota’s though.

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Honestly, if you want supported quotas, use MailCow.

@jrsupplee extension just works!


@alento, you are right, on a second thought there’s no reason to someone login via SSH.

@murgero, didn’t know the MailCow, thanks, will take a more deep look into it.
Initialy I’ll try yours scripts and only if it didn’t suits my needs I’ll consider the alternatives :slight_smile:

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