Mails going to gmails spam

iam sending mail to gmail it going to spam and sending to other mails it is going to inbox.
why only going to gmails spam

Because it is Gmail. The wanna be gatekeeper of the internet which does not respect net neutrality or common standards.

Everything has to do with IP reputation and how you have setup SPF, DMARC etc

My box is sending from digital ocean to gmail just fine. Also to office365 accounts

But … it took a while to get that reputation when you get a box what has been used already on an IP.
Make sure the IP is not listed on any of the spamlists. Make sure that if so, you have removed them. Try by any means to contact Microsoft on their URL’s which are pretty hidden to have your IP checked reguraly ie. here read and search the error messages what you receive and try options out.

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Respectfully, I must disagree. Not EVERYTHING has to do with IP reputation.

Most of the problem that we face is caused by Google or Micro$oft’s internal policies that they choose not to share so that we can comply with them. For instance they may not like your domain name. Or they may just want to hold your emails hostage by sending them to spam for 30-60 days. Why, because they ‘can’. And we, as the little guys, are powerless to do anything about it.

As I have been saying recently, “Friends don’t let friends use Google”.


An additional issue is the closed blacklists. They can place you on their blacklist and never remove you.

Exactly! And you are powerless to do anything about it. :frowning:


I have done everything to get outlook to accept my email, I am not on any spam lists, I might have to give up on mail in a box

That would be a shame. Another case of David vs Goliath, but Goliath winning. There is supposed to be net neutrality, but it does not exist with the mega-corporations.

Where is MiaB hosted?

A WHOIS lookup on the IP that the OP uses (as seen in another thread) shows that his MiaB is hosted by Digital Ocean.

@sturner Let me offer you a week trial of my SMTP relay.

Sorry, it’s early.

My recommendation is to change ISPs. DO, from the beginning, had issues maintaining reputation on their IP addresses and it is why I never used them.

Also, there is a time component. Even with old domains (I have one registered in 2003), a new mail server will require some time before it will be accepted by the large mail companies.

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This is SO true. I have found that it takes from 30-60 days for email to be regularly accepted by some companies (looking at you Google).

FWIW - I have had 0 success reaching out to Google regarding my deliverability to gmail, but I have had some (perceived) success with Microsoft - I am an Office 365 tenant administrator, so simply emailing my tenant then opening a ticket as the paying recipient seems to have correlated to my emails magically getting delivered to users inboxes.
Disclaimer: Support claims they didn’t do anything, so it is possible the magic Microsoft blacklist gods decided to smile on me the day I opened the ticket; seems like it must correlate though.

This is absolutely true.

I’ve been hosting a MIAB box with super-clean credentials (DMARC, SPF, DKIM, blacklists, etc.) and when I set up a domain for somebody on the GSuite platform, send just a regular email to them as a test, it ALWAYS goes to spam.

Google won’t say why. It’s not a rude domain nor has it been used to send spam, nor have, as Google claimed, many people marked my email as spam, giving it a poor reputation.

No, Google and the big players are just enforcing their walled garden, and keeping non-customers out.

Microsoft did it famously with Apple i.e. everything your Windows computer did with other Windows computer worked (well, as much as Windows can be said to “work”) fine. With a Mac? Nope, not so much. This resulted in a myth that Microsoft perpetuated: macs are problematic, so stick to Windows. And it was super-successful. Now, it’s being done with email.

Even if you use the Google toolkit to test a domain’s record validity, etc., it will give you a clean bill of health and then Gmail will turn around and send your email to spam.

They whitelist you.

As a Gsuite admin, you can whitelist an entire domain. Sometimes this helps, sometimes not!

My MIAB box is with Linode. The IP has a great reputation. Still no dice from Google.

No, they just make it impossible by default to send email to the Google universe. This makes most people give up and give their money to Google.

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