Mailinabox and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - available soon?

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Is there a release date for Mailinabox based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on the horizon…?
Should I wait for it or will there be an easy way to upgrade the base system Ubuntu 14.04 with an Mailinabox v0.28 installation to the bionic version if it will be released?



@just4t Yes, I read this thread, but this doesn’t answer my question. Install seems to work on Bionic…but 14.04 LTS is still the official recommended base OS?!

14.04 LTS is still the official recommended base OS

It’s not an official response, but perhaps a welcome clue at the end: Backup Amazon S3: Added support for custom endpoints by JumpLink · Pull Request #1427 · mail-in-a-box/mailinabox · GitHub

Yes, not official…but maybe there will be a new major release in the near future. Thanks for the link…! Let’s see…

My plan is:

  • I’ll deploy the Ubuntu 18.04 branch (“ubuntu_bionic”) for my own personal email and make fixes as I see problems, hopefully next week.
  • Some of those changes may end up as changes on the master branch that will apply to Ubuntu 14.04 as well.
  • I’ll then post a new release still based on Ubuntu 14.04 but having those fixes. I expect this will be around the end of September.
  • I’ll also then post a beta of the ubuntu_bionic branch, probably early October.
  • We’ll let folks try it and post issues for a few months.
  • Then we’ll recommend everyone use Ubuntu 18.04 and will phase out support for Ubuntu 14.04.

Thanks for this concrete dates and publishing your plan regarding Ubuntu18.04 and Mailinabox. Last question: will there be an easy official way to migrate if I now setup Mailinabox on Ubuntu 14.04 and want to switch to 18.04 without loosing mails and data? Or should I wait till 18.04 is the recommended and stable OS base?



The only supported upgrade path that I am currently planning to support is creating a new 18.04 machine and then restoring data from a backup.

Nice, if a Mailbox restore is possible on a new 18.04 machine as described here I think I can setup Mailinabox on 14.04 now and move to a 18.04 machine if it will be available. Thanks for this clarification.



Will the upgrade path be version specific? I have a few MiaB’s up and running but they are not the latest version 0.28 - will that matter? And thanks for the timeline.

i was trying to install mailinabox on ubuntu18.4 face error attach here, can any one help me.

MailInABox cannot be installed on Ubuntu 18.04.

Last update was that the version for Ubuntu 18.04 would be ready in December or January.

Hello All,

First, it is a GREAT JOB this MiaB!

Second, I need to setup a new machine (for a long-term deployment) and so it should be the Bionic Beaver 18.04 using the ubuntu_bionic branch for now.

Do you plan to make the upgrade path for the master (currently the Trusty) to 18.04 so that the current “on trial” working Bionic installations would be seamlessly taken over by the new master branch?

I simply cannot afford to fully provision and setup some key machines now and then take them offline and do the backup > full new install > restore > checks … procedure in 1-2 months from now.

Many thanks,

As I said above, the only supported upgrade path that I am currently planning to support is creating a new 18.04 machine and then restoring data from a backup.

(Also, the Ubuntu 14.04 box will need to be upgraded to Mail-in-a-Box v0.29 before doing the backup/restore.)

The Ubuntu 18.04 branch is almost usable, but I’m having a serious problem with backups so I’m not recommending using it just yet.

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So how is this supposed to work? The built in backup doesn’t backup the cloud stuff and only does the email. I can’t lose everything in the cloud utilities for all my users.

It does. Or, it should. If it’s not working for you, please open an issue on github!

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@JoshData is there any end in sight or at least a GitHub Milestone of some kind that we can follow that might be able to paint a picture for a timeline my very brittle unsupported 16.04 version finally melted and I really would love to have a functioning 18.04 installer.

Seems that the git branch ubuntu_bionic and that really does not install so I don’t really know what’s next.

@Ruseen see this thread: Ubuntu Migration Plan

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