Mail verification code - too long to be received


how do i shorten time for an email to be received from a specific sender/domain name ?

I need to verify a code by mail and enter it in an web app verification , but the mail is received after 15 min, and that is too long to confirm it, the code is expired when the mail arrived.


Is it just that it’s greylisted? In which case once learned it should take care of itself.

If it is always from the same address you could add to the allow-list. I use an external mail filter for example and allow all mail from their servers.

I dont think its grey listed because its Always waiting about 15 min before it ils received

Its a one shot but mail but pretty important for me, how Can i add it to an allow- list ?

You may well be right that it’s not greylisting. That being the case there shouldn’t be any delay in delivery (unless Spamassassin is somehow responsible?)

Anyway, to allow you can add the IP address or hostname of the sending mail server in /etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients.local

Note that it’s the sending mail server and not the domain in the from/envelope header.

For example:

Restart postgrey and postfix after:
service postgrey restart
service postfix restart

If you meant… you went to a website and request for a code, and the code takes a long time to arrive, then can you attempt the same code retrieval using a gmail account and see whether it takes 15 minutes too?

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i dont have a gmail account anymore, and the one registered mail cannot be change for the moment

but yes, its the problem

i added the ip/dns name to the postgrey whitelist, i still have the same issue

check your mail log for activity as soon as you sent the request, and see whether there’s activity in the mail log. If it’s due to any of the spam filters or greylisting, it will appear there as soon as the mail reaches your box.

If there’s no activity, then it’s the problem with the sending server.