Mail Users without Nextcloud Access possible?

Hi there,

I would love to live in a world where developers are always as emphatic towards the operators of their software, as the creators of MIAB obviously are. I love MIAB as far as that goes.

I am so happy with my MIAB that I offered to handle Mails for a small non-profit org over my box. Just some mail accounts and aliases.

Just wanted to ask if there is a way to prevent nextcloud access for those new accounts. I just want to prevent disk space from being used up by people using this feature. It’s not a huge problem as I can simply tell them to not use it but if it is possible to deactivate access, it would be better.

Thanks for any help and hints

[ @andymel has pointed out that my optimism about footprint is wrong. ]

Mail-in-a-Box has a very limited Nextcloud footprint – only contacts and calendar. The file sharing features of Nextcloud are disabled. It seems unlikely to me that your disk space usage will be noticeably affected by contacts and calendaring…

Hmm, not on my box. I can create/read/write/up/download and also share and collaboratively edit files.
Maybe I have actively activated it during installation (Unfortunately too long ago to remember).

The online storage is availabe at https://mybox/cloud/index.php/apps/files/
A shared file can be accessed via a link like https://mybox/cloud/index.php/s/xT493Hidz1Ac

looks like this

Right you are – shows how little I use Nextcloud facilities.

My optimism tempered, and having looked further at the configuration, it seems like it is not a simple idea to implement – nextcloud has complicated configuration and migration issues in miab.

One thing I can think of would be a carefully aggressive nginx deny declaration in a block for all /cloud/ urls… You’d want to put it in mailinabox/conf/nginx-primaryonly.conf to ensure it sticks, and you’d be on your own vis-a-vis any support issues…

Another option might be to comment-out source setup/ from setup/ to prevent any nextcloud installation. But, I really don’t have a good sense of whether that would break other parts of the system that might depend on nextcloud…

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