Mail in a Box - Roadmap

I was wondering if there is somewhere a Roadmap for MiaB available?
I wasn’t able to find anything, but I would be very interested in the general direction & features which are planned. (I do not need an exact timeline, but just something 'cause I am interested what will happen with MiaB in the future and if it will meet my future requirements)

Not so much. However I would suggest following the project on its GutHub page.

Generally, there is no new development of features with a focus on maintenance releases, though @JoshData could offer better input on this.

However, contributions are highly appreciated and suggestions may be implemented if the function is highly useful and the code is well developed. See the Contributions section in GitHub. For instance, 2FA was recently added for admin logins.

Are there some specific requirements that you have and see that are missing? It always can be useful to mention them here to see if there is an interest in developing them.

Thanks @alento, I am already following the github repository as well and always checking PRs and issues there as well as the discussions here, but sofar I was never really able to gain insight about a general direction or if certain PRs at all will be merged into the master.

Yeah, maybe @JoshData can tell about his general idea for the future of MiaB. I am sure many people here, would like to know about this. (simply because they/I think, MiaB is a great thing)

Indeed I do have specific requirements, but maybe it’s better to have a separate thread for these :wink:

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The roadmap is to keep Mail-in-a-Box on the course of its original top goal: “Make deploying a good mail server easy.” I think we’ve achieved the goal, but what counts as a “good mail server” changes over time as email protocols change (and as the underlying software components that we use change). For example, MTA-STS was invented after Mail-in-a-Box was started, and now we have it on the receiving side, but not yet on the sending side. So the sending side would be a nice addition to Mail-in-a-Box.

There’s no specific roadmap. It depends on what people propose and whether anyone does the work to implement it correctly and cleanly.


@JoshData since you are here, can we know whether MIAB plan to upgrade to support 20.04 or later release, when Ubuntu 18.04 reach end of standard support (2023) or EOL (2028)?

I’m asking since I assume that will be quite a bit of work.

This has been addressed a lot of times and in many places.

It is a LOT of work to migrate MiaB to a new Ubuntu release, so it is completely reasonable for the devs to support migrating as infrequently as reasonably possible, which likely won’t be sooner than 22.04.

Also see:

Not Josh, but the plan is 2023. So if they follow the same pattern as this last year then it will be released late 2022.

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Right. My hope is that we target 22.04 next. Someone (not me) will have to put in the effort to make that happen.

I understand. I mentioned year 20.04 or later. To me, support till 2028 is good new means we don’t need to go through major migration these 2 years.

Thanks @JoshData for that information. Looking forward to hear about cool new features. I am currently collecting things I would like to see and will post them here. Maybe there is some possibility for a feature poll or something. I would like to help too, but I am not a programmer at all. I can do “user acceptance testing” tho :wink:

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