(New) Feature Request/Discussion Thread

Dear all,

I thought I will start a thread for collecting (and discussing) new feature requests.
Idea is to have all requested features collected somewhere, so its possible to find out if this is a feature only one or maybe more people would like to have.

This might help, getting new things implemented.

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Front-end: Collapsing domains in “System Status Checks”

I would like to collapse all the details below every domain so that I can scroll more quickly to the end of the list and only open relevant details. I would like to have the possibility to collapse all at once or each individually.

Install: setup flag to disable Nextcloud

I would like to be able to deselect the Nextcloud installment while setting up the Mail-in-a-Box because I do not need this feature.

Acceptance criteria:
Existing Mail-in-a-Box setups can remove Nextcloud by running the setup again with the according flag
Existing Mail-in-a-Box setups can add Nextcloud by running the regular setup again.

next cloud is installed for the convenience of caldav and carddav.

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My vote for this option, option to disable Nextcloud ActiveSync and Antivirus since I am never going to use caldav or carddav.

Option to define a custom login url for admin and webmail for added security.

+1 upvote from me. That would be nice

I don’t want anyone to have the impression that this project’s roadmap is decided by a vote. The roadmap is decided by people who put in the work to make things happen and by me saying no to things that make my life harder or deviate from the project goals.

Making Nextcloud/Z-Push optional has been requested many times before (see GitHub), but it is a no from me — I won’t accept any changes that add questions or options to the setup. I also won’t accept any security-related changes that address hypothetical issues or that rely on security through obscurity or the like. Sorry.

  • It would be a nice feature to have the Custom DNS organized like the Email Alias, seperared by domain instead all of them being all together in one table. From: “Custom DNS Organization #1927”
  • Two-Factor Authentication and PGP should come by default on Mail-in-a-box, it’s two essential extensions for Roundcube, I install them but when an update comes, they get removed.
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That’s not security through obscurity, it is an extra layer of protection on top of authentication. No one is saying once the login url is found no admin password is required, it is there just to make the attack harder.

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And also the PGP and 2FA are good tools that should come by default for self-hosted packs like this, NextCloud already has it, Roundcube should come with it too.

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That would be an incredibly useful thing that I never realised I wanted until I read it :slight_smile:

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Fully understood. I assume “putting in work” can come in many different shades. Since I am not able to program, I can only help by “organizing” peoples desire together. Maybe someone else with abilities can suddenly create something useful to many. Anyway, I just like this project and so I try to contribute with what I can do :slight_smile: even if its not much.

I feel like I may have been one of these people early on, but Nextcloud’s become integral to my workflow. Glad I gave it a chance.

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