Mail in a box loses custom dns entries


my MIAB Server worked fine for about 1 month. Now I have noticed that suddenly all my custom DNS entries have been deleted. At the same time the status page did not work anymore. I could fix that again with the commands @JoshData mentioned here.

How could it be that I had to enter the commands again? And can it have something to do with the fact that my custom DNS entries have disappeared?

Is there anything that happens at night automatically? Because this problem must have occurred between 00:00 and 6:00 at night. CanĀ“t find anything in syslog. Only connections and eMail logs.

Any ideas?

My domains went offline around 3:00 at night. At this time I can see the following entry in my syslog:

Jun 14 03:00:16 box named[20053]: received control channel command 'flush'
Jun 14 03:00:16 box named[20053]: flushing caches in all views succeeded

After this command my domains are no longer accessible. However, this command should only be executed if a change has been made to the domain entries, right?

Tonight at 3:15 it happend again.

I have checked the zones files in /etc/nsd/zones. There the A-record for all domains is changed to the IP of the box at 3:15. The same happend to some other Domains at 5:55

Does anyone know why this files were changed? @JoshData

I moved my MIAB to a new server and followed this guide

After that i never had the problem of losing the dns entries until now. Last week I noticed that the certificates are no longer provisioned. Then I proceeded as described here. 2 days later I lost all custom DNS entries again. Can anyone explain that?