Mail Administrator Deserted

Hi All,

We have a Mail-in-a-box solution on a device inside my network - set up by someone else who is now un-contactable.

The mail is working ok, but I need to log onto the control panel to make some necessary changes, but I only have the email of the admin account - the recorded password doesn’t work.

I have tried to SSH to the Mail-in-a-box server to reset the admin password account (as per here), but I don’t have details of any of the accounts created, or any of the keys created. When I use root account, I get the error message “No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)”

Is there a way to sort this?

Thanks in advance

Look at the link you showed again … the second post tells how to get a full list of commands. One of the commands lists the admin accounts. One of the commands allows password changes. Change the password of an admin account and you should be good to go.