MaiB as SMTP relay

I want to use MaiB as SMTP relay for other web services, I have created a user then I used this user to authenticate as SMTP relay. Nothing happened :roll_eyes:

What the App does, it sent emails from few domains, let’s say and Am I configured it wrong since the App should send email from the authenticated domain!

sender name and account name must be the same

Is there anyway to allow unsolicited emails

Noooo. That’s a very quick way to becoming a spam relay.

You’d be amazed at how quickly that can happen. Have a look through the mail logs (in /var/log), all those failed logins are bots looking for servers that will relay spam.

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I run an instance of this SMTP relay in docker to do exactly this for my printer but it is only accessible locally to prevent abuse. It has been working great.

MIAB is really not suitable to be used as a SMTP relay due to the way it authenticates outbound email.

Yes. From the user actually, not just the domain.

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