Let's Encrypt Certificates v 0.20 how?

I am running 2 separate MiaB installations.

One installation is running v0.19b. The other was running v0.13b.

Today I updated the installation running v0.13b to the current version v0.20.

When I go to the SSL Certificate section there is NO mention of LE. As a matter of fact, it looks exactly the same as it did in v0.13b. I know that this is not correct from looking at the TLS (SSL) Certificate section on the install running v0.19b.

So has something drastically changed between v0.19b and v0.20 wrt LE Certs? Or is something else going on that I am not able to renew LE Certs within MiaB?

Ok, I have now done a reinstall of MiaB which seems to have corrected this problem. :slight_smile: