1. Issues with NSD - v0.60.1 took steps to resolve this?
  2. ActiveSync (Z-Push) - Doesn’t seem to work out of the box.
  3. Roundcube End User Password Changes - Seems to have an issue with the SQLite Database.
  4. Fail2Ban - not enabled during installation.
  5. Miscellaneous SSL errors - typically requires you to delete certificates during restore.

Am I missing anything?

@alento @openletter - can one of you pin this to the top of the page?


v60.1 is supposed to resolve this, yes. IF it is not resolved, the solution is to simply do the following after running ‘sudo mailinabox’ which is the last step of the moving guide:

sudo service nsd restart

which should also be ran after making changes that affect DNS such as adding a new email user on a different domain or creating custom DNS record entries.

Requires a one line command to fix:

systemctl enable -now fail2ban

Remove the contents of the /home/user-data/ssl/ directory BEFORE restoring the backup with:
rm -rf /home/user-data/ssl/*

Run the command:
sudo sqlite3 /home/user-data/mail/users.sqlite 'PRAGMA journal_mode=delete;'

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systemctl enable -now fail2ban

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It seems all those issues are tracked via github:

  1. NSD restart issue?
  2. Active sync
  3. Roundcube password issue
  4. Fail2ban issue
  5. Update of documentation to delete ssl is in this pull request
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For my part : under Ubuntu 18.04, MiaB worked with IPv6. It seems that it isn’t the case anymore with Ubuntu 22.04 (I cannot even “ping6”). I cannot affirm that it has to be bound with v60.1.

On Active Sync, has anyone discussed how the Z-Push project looks like it is somewhat dead and might not be moving to PHP 8.x for a while if at all?

This fork seems to be the most active, not sure what the opinions about moving to a fork would be but there seems to be additional work done that isn’t just related to PHP 8.x.

Happy to contribute with this as well, if some guidance can be given :slight_smile:

Please bear with me if I haven’t posted in the right thread. I’m first time poster, but have been lurking for a bit.


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Update : the backups on another server cannot be made. I guess that it is a consequence since the SSH authorized_key make the domain appear (root@box.domain.tld) although it is not pingable. On my own computer, I have to login with ssh root@ipv4 : ssh root@box.domain.tld fails : I may change the authorized_key using such a trick.

If anyone cope with the same problem, one could add

    1. IPv6 does not work - and as a consequence backup on external server identifying the box with IPv6.

wish I could edit my own post and include that, but it seems after some time it does not allow edits.

I’ve honestly been thinking that the replacement for Z-Push is SoGO Groupware -

Seems there was a folk for MiaB a while ago (GitHub - jkaberg/mailinabox-sogo: Mail-in-a-Box helps individuals take back control of their email by defining a one-click, easy-to-deploy SMTP+everything else server: a mail server in a box.) but is no longer maintained since it appears it was from the Ubuntu 16.04 era. too bad honestly.

Was also some mention of it back in 2018, but I dont think it went anywhere. (SOGo for mail, contact, and calendars)

Maybe with Z-Push sorta being not supported something like this could be considered again but my fear is that Z-Push will just be dropped from MiaB.

Maybe @JoshData could chime in here. Ultimately I don’t think there are enough developers on this project to sorta even maintain what we have yet alone add something. I’m very grateful for the project but having a hard time understanding where this fits in with my long term strategy to host my own mail. Many of us rely on the project to be updated and probably only a few of us rely on Z-Push. Josh, don’t want to press you for an answer because I’m afraid I already know will happen.

Thanks (and sorry)

That’s basically where we are now anyway. It wasn’t intentional, but here we are. And I never used Z-Push personally, so it was always a low priority for me to work on from the beginning. The website (unclearly) states that Z-Push is a beta feature for this reason.

I don’t have the time to work on it or a replacement. My only goal right now is to get through the fixes people have already submitted for the other issues and publish a bug fix release.


This doesn’t solve the issues listed however I just wanted to mention that Ubuntu offers an extended security maintenance plan that’s free for personal use. Note it only extends support for packages in ubuntu main repository proper, and the universe repository on a best effort basis. You’ll get five extra years of support.

I haven’t tried using ESM yet, but it might be something to consider for people who can’t easily stop using z-push or otherwise don’t have time to upgrade just yet.

Just want to express how much I appreciate your work with the project. I’m sure others in the community would also tell you this personally if they had a chance. I appreciate that you are focusing on the main issues that support the majority of users :slight_smile:

I’ve put a little effort in and have a working version of Z-Push for PHP8 working on my box. Looking for a little direction on if I should be creating it as a separate script to allow users to test or if submitting a PR would be more beneficial.

Perhaps @alento or @openletter could offer some advice or point me to some guidelines?

I’d certainly be interested in that script if you want to send me a PM with it I’d test it.

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Sent a PM.

I’ve made a downloadable script. If anyone else would like to test please reach out.