How do I fix password resets in Mail-in-a-Box 61.1?

I’m running an up to date MIAB 61.1 instance on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, and I’ve moved my backups from a previous version of MiaB successfully. Everything has been running fine except the rather major issue of users not being able to change their own passwords via Roundcube.

Looking at this post, I see the recommendation to run:
sudo sqlite3 /home/user-data/mail/users.sqlite 'PRAGMA journal_mode=delete;'

I’ve also read the lengthy discussion here.

  • Is the above command still the official fix as of now?
  • Is it permanent, or will I need to run this after future reboots or when something else happens, such as a new user created etc.?
  • Is there another way, besides via RoundCube, that end-users should be changing their passwords instead? Or is RoundCube the recommended way?

The stuff about Postfix potentially breaking or RoundCube’s communication with it to stop is what has me worried to execute the above command or try anything. If the only actual solution for now is literally saying to the user “I’ll change your password, tell me what you’d like it to be”, as much as that’s a terrible solution, I’ll do it for now to not break something if that’s the safer way to go and a fix is around the corner.

Unfortunately, at the moment only the admin can change user passwords. There are two repairs available at GitHub, but these are not accepted in the main branch yet.
For your questions:

  • The command you mention is used to fix the user database if it becomes unusable for postfix. It is not normally needed if your system works fine.
  • It is permanent insofar that the pragma is stored in the database and thus used as long as it is not changed.
  • I don’t know of another user accessible way.

If your version is up2date you don’t have to worry about breaking stuff, as the trigger for breaking postfix (changing the password through roundcube) has been disabled.

Got it; thanks! I’ll wait it out for now and not make any changes.

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